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  • Are you thinking about forming a business/corporation?
  • Have you formed one, but don’t know what’s next?
  • Are you in revenue, and seeking to expand?
  • Have you heard about all the new opportunities to raise capital through “Crowdfunding” but don’t know what to do?

I’ve been a CEO Space Faculty Member for over 12 years, and I’ll again be at this Forum to help you (and your team) determine “what’s next” for you, and then show you how it can be achieved.  As revealed below, I’ll give you several ways you can meet with me personally, and many reasons why you should!

All businesses need a solid structure to succeed:  articles of incorporation and bylaws that form the foundation, team agreements that keep it all together, solid intellectual property protection, a capital structure that allows you to grow, and compliance with federal and state securities laws to keep you out of trouble when you’re raising capital.  I have over 30 years experience working with companies to help them grow and flourish.  I began my career as an Enforcement Attorney with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, and went on to in-house positions with publicly-traded and pre-IPO companies, as well as boutique securities law firms, in San Francisco, the Silicon Valley, and San Diego.  Read more about me here.


I have been coming to CEO Space for all these years because it’s “family” for me–I even got married here on July 29, 2012, at the end of the July Forum!!  Dr. David Gruder and his wife performed the ceremony and Berny Dohrmann gave the Groom’s Toast.  So when I tell you that I (along with the other Faculty Members) am here to “brain tithe”–gifting my time without pitching you to hire me–you know I mean it!!  You are going to have classes and workshops up the ying-yang while here at CEOS (including mine, about which more below).  You’ll hear about structure and strategy and team and Securities Law OVER-compliance and Crowdfunding and and and and!!  When you schedule a meeting with me I’LL TAKE YOU OUT OF THE CLASSROOMS AND INTO YOUR BOARDROOM!  I’ll show you how to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your situation.  In addition to my Monday, December 9th Workshop at 11:30 AM titled “CLOSING YOUR INVESTORS UNDER NEW RULE 506”, to get my personal attention at CEO Space try:

  • Meal Tables:  I will be hosting 14 meal tables, from Monday morning to Friday noon (Friday evening is open seating).  These will be small groups where we can interact on a more personal level, and in answering questions from all of the table members, you will often find that “you are not alone”–and the virtually all entrepreneurs, whether new or old veterans, are going through the same process.

  • Individual Mentoring:  I will be brain-tithing my life’s experience and my legal expertise in individual appointments at no cost to you (and again, without pitching you to hire me).  I won’t tell you what my legal rates are in my private practice–only to say that this is an opportunity you do not want to miss!  button-408cff-long-largePlease click here to schedule your 25 minute consultation with me.  To maximize the value of our time together, please arrive promptly and prepared to discuss what is of importance to you.  (Note:  Blanks on my schedule reflect:  times when everyone is supposed to be in class, times when I will be meeting with the rest of the faculty to discuss continual upgrades to the programming, and/or classes that I want to attend!)  Please note:  sessions on Saturday afternoon, December 14, will be held at my booth at the EXPO.

Don’t Miss My Class, Monday @ 11:30 AM:

“Closing Your Investors Under New Rule 506”

Forming a company and raising capital to fund it has never been easy.  New SEC Rule 506 dramatically changes how you raise money to fund your company.  Will it make things easier or harder?  Follow the Rule carefully and massive opportunities can be available.  But do it wrong and little “gotchas” will stop you cold before you begin.  Find out whether the new Rule might work for you, or review other, more traditional approaches.  Most important:  learn what it takes to do it the right way!


  • How Rule 506 affects the structure of the team you build to grow your company.

  • How Rule 506 affects the planning for your capital raises.

  • How Rule 506 affects the documents you bring to investor presentations so that you can safely take their checks.

  • What Rule 506 hasn’t changed about what it takes to close your investors–the importance of “selling your valuation.”

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When all is said and done, and when/if the experience of CEO Space becomes a bit overwhelming, remember this:  as an attorney, I am bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California, where I am licensed, and thus owe a fiduciary duty to communicate fully, truthfully, and openly with you.  If you have any questions, I recommend you be certain to schedule a private consultation with me.  Click here



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